Nokya Pro-Halogen Arctic White Headlight Bulbs

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    These aren't the nationally-recognized name brand, but they're very reasonably priced. Color temperature for the blue bulb is 4,100K, which is a nice bright blue-white. The purple bulb has a 4,300K color temperature, which is a more violet white -- it looks a little like the BMW HID systems. 80 watts per bulb, although the deep blue or purple glass tint absorbs some of those watts, so don't expect them to be brighter than stock. Fits '92 and newer Eclipse/Talon/Laser cars and 90-91 ONLY if you've done the an H4 conversion such as with our Hella kit. Set of two bulbs.

    Purple H4 bulbs are all we've got left. Get them while they last.

    Note that these bulbs are intended for offroad use. Like many tinted bulbs, they may not be legal for street use. Check your local laws.

    Updated 7/19/02

  • SKU#: 73401H4PU

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Nokya

    Category: Exterior Lighting

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