M7 Supercharger Pulley MINI R53

  • The M7 supercharger pulley features a 16% reduction, in addition to a number of improvements over stock and aftermarket pulley designs.

    On the belt-to-pulley interface, M7 has changed the geometry of the grooves, allowing the belt to be in contact with more surface area on the pulley. We also added shoulders to the outside of the pulley to help prevent the belt from walking off of the pulley surface. This in addition to our proprietary V-Groove surface treatment also prevents belt slippage. The overall result: better belt grip.

    The M7 Technology Pulley offers an active cooling system that pulls in cool air through the holes in the pulley shoulder and a thermal surface barrier that helps keep belt temperature down.

    So why choose a 16% reduction pulley? It is more than the standard 15% reduction and will provide better engine response.

    Gold finish. Fits all 2002-2006 MINI Cooper S, and Cooper S Convertible through 2008.

  • SKU#: 05523GO

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: M7

    Category: Miscellaneous Engine

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