MINI OEM CV Boot Repair Kit R56

  • Over time, the CV (constant velocity) joint boots on your MINI's front axles can split, which allows the grease inside to escape. Once the joint loses all its grease, it's just a matter of time before the joint fails, requiring an expensive repair.

    Before that happens, replace the grease and install a new boot! This OEM MINI kit includes a big packet of the proper CV joint grease, a new boot, and a pair of clips to hold everything together.

    Sold as a single-axle kit containing inner and outer boots. Two kits would be enough for both axles.

    Fits all 2007+ Coupe and Clubman through 05/08 build date.

  • SKU#: 06969

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: MINI

    Category: OEM Suspension & Axle

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