H&R 5mm Wheel Spacers R53/R56 MINI

  • Wheel spacers are used to move the wheel outward from the hub, either for a wider stance, or to get clearance for larger brakes.

    The 5mm and larger spacers are a complete kit that includes hubcentric wheel spacers that maintain hub centricity for your wheels, plus a set of eight longer wheel bolts.

    Each kit is a set of two wheel spacers.

    Note that there are two different wheel bolt sizes for MINI. Before 2006 all MINI models used 12mm wheel bolts. After that the wheel bolts were 14mm. If you have a 2006 model, your best bet is to remove a wheel bolt and measure the diameter.

    Note: The lug bolts supplied with the wheel spacer kits will vary in color by batch. The bolts you get will all match, but they may be silver, black, or gray. We will not accept returns based on bolt color.

    Includes two spacers and eight longer wheel bolts.

    Fits all four-lug 2002-2013 MINI models. Specify bolt size.

  • SKU#: K0658312, K0658314

    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb

    Manufacturer: H&R

    Category: Wheel Accessories

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