Mitsubishi OEM Front O2 Sensor DSM

  • The oxygen sensor is critical to your car's proper operation. At anything but full throttle, your car's ECU optimizes fuel delivery by reading the O2 sensor signal and adjusting the fuel mixture accordingly. If the sensor is worn out or fouled, you'll get erroneous readings, which usually results in gradually worsening gas mileage. If you've blown an intercooler pipe or the car has run rich for an extended period of time, your sensor may become fouled. Also, leaded race gas will quickly render an oxygen sensor useless. And it's always a good idea to replace the sensor at every major tune-up.

    89-94 cars had one oxygen sensor. 95-99 cars had two, one in front of and one behind the catalytic converter.

    Fits 1995-1999 Turbo Eclipse and Talon


    Updated 7/19/02

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    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

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