APR Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Evo 8/9

  • Race cars use splitters to keep the airflow at the front of the car directed the way it should go. The air above the lower lip is intended to go through the intercooler and radiator. Below that, it should go under the car. Without the splitter, some air will tend to spill over around the lower lip, which lessens cooling efficiency and increases lift. With the splitter in place, cooling is improved and lift is decreased.

    The APR splitter is a large carbon fiber piece backed by fiberglass for stiffness. It comes with stainless steel adjustable support struts, mounting hardware and instructions.

    Large size means oversized shipping cost.

  • SKU#: 02588

    Shipping Weight: 60.0 lb

    Manufacturer: APR

    Category: Spoilers

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