Craven Speed Stainless Steel Hand Brake Handle R50/R53/R56 MINI

  • This direct replacement for your hand brake handle is lathe crafted from a solid bar of stainless steel. The shape is even better to touch than it is on the eyes. The weight is not something you think about with the stock handle, but you will appreciate the solidity of this piece each time you park your MINI.

    Installation is easy and simple. The three rubber rings that you see on the stainless handle are hiding the three plastic tipped setscrews that secure the handle in place. The leather boot on your car is designed to fit and secure the same as it does to the OEM handle. That means that once installed there are no visual cues that the piece was not installed at the factory. Just remove the stock handle, slide the new piece into place secure the three screws with the included wrench, cover them with the rubberized rings, and secure the boot in place with the included tie-down.

    Fits all 2002-2015 MINI models.

  • SKU#: 07368

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Craven Speed

    Category: Miscellaneous Interior

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