DBA Brake Rotors 4000-Series Evo 8/9

  • Disc Brakes Australia's 4000-series rotors are a premium direct replacement for your stock rotors. They boast DBA's patented "Kangaroo Paw" pillar vane internal design, a manufacturing process called Thermal Stability Profiling that is supposed to remove internal stresses, and a special "wiper" slot design that is said to maintain consistent friction and keep the rotor surface clean.

    Each rotor has protective black paint applied to the hub/hat portion of the rotor to resist rust.

    One feature we really like is the "Thermo-Graphic" paint marks on the rotor edge. Each paint stripe changes color at a different temperature, to help you understand how hot your rotors are getting under hard use.

    Why don't you sell discs with holes in them?
    In our experience, drilled rotors tend to develop stress cracks that shortens the life of the rotors. We don't want to worry about rotor cracking, so we only sell rotors that are slotted. Both slotting and drilling serves the same purpose, which is to allow pad gases to escape from between pad and rotor.

    Sold as a set of two rotors. Choose front or rear.

    Fits all 2003-2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 and 9.

  • SKU#: 04915, 04918

    Shipping Weight: 45.0 lb

    Manufacturer: DBA

    Category: Brake Rotors

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