Hallman Pro RX Boost Controller

  • Mechanical boost controllers are a reliable and reasonably priced alternative to more expensive and complex electronic boost controllers. The Hallman Pro Boost Controller is our favorite, with bullet-proof construction, a race-proven record, and a complete install kit.

    The controller is built from solid custom-CNC-machined aluminum and 314 stainless steel to make it impervious to the underhood elements. The design includes Overboost Control, so the adjustment knob can never vibrate out or be backed off the controller.

    There are no set screws or lock washers needed for the Hallman Pro, and you don't need to use tools to adjust it. Just turn the knob to set your boost; it'll stay put after that.

    Hallman boost controllers are used on hundreds of race cars, and cars using them have gone as fast as 8.03 @ 172 mph in the quarter mile.

    The Pro RX model is designed with a ceramic ball and a light-pressure spring for quick response and excellent adjustability at boost levels 2-5 pounds over stock. A heavier spring is included for running higher boost levels, if you prefer.

    The kit includes everything you need for a quick and painless installation, including the valve with pre-installed vacuum lines, tee and fittings, zip ties, mounting clamp, and complete installation instructions.

    Add cockpit adjustability later on with the Cockpit Controller add-on kit.

  • SKU#: 01680

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Hallman

    Category: ECU Tuning and Boost Control

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