HKS Exhaust Cam Evo 8/9

  • HKS cams are legendary in the DSM world for making solid power on the 4G63 motor, and Evo owners won't be disappointed! We've seen gains of 40 hp from the HKS cams on the Evo.

    The cams are available in three varieties. The Street grind is a 264 duration, which gives good power gains but retains nice and civil idle characteristics. The Race grind have a 272-degree duration and gobs of overlap, which produces even more top-end power, but because of the low vacuum at idle the idle is pretty rough. The "Monster" 280-degree cam is even MORE aggressive, for huge top end power but a very lumpy idle and soft low-end feel.

    Cam gears sold separately.

    10.2mm lift.

  • SKU#: 00188MO

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: HKS

    Category: Camshafts and Valvetrain Parts

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