BMW M3 Front Sway Bar E90

  • M3 bits are firmer and have more sporting alignment geometry than regular 3-series parts. They fit perfectly and have the OEM reliability you know and love. These parts will fit any RWD 2007-2011 3-series car, and the rear suspension parts will also fit AWD cars.

    The M3 front sway bar is the same diameter as the stock sway bar, but maintains that diameter over the whole bar, so it's stiffer. Plus, the M3 sway bar bushings are a metal bearing style that is also stiffer. Sold as a complete kit, bar plus bushings and brackets.

    Fits RWD BMW 3-series cars 2007-2011, but not AWD models.


  • SKU#: K07672

    Shipping Weight: 20.0 lb

    Manufacturer: BMW

    Category: Sway Bars

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