M7 Aerogel Turbo Heat Shield MINI R56

  • The M7 Aerogel Turbo Heatshield is designed to fit over the stock turbo using pre-existing mounting points. It's lined with a custom Aerogel blanket to minimize the heat flowing to the rest of the engine bay. Aerogel is nanotechnology with amazing heat rejection qualities (which is why NASA is also using this material in a variety of applications). We've been using Aerogel for a while on the R53 and wanted to bring its heat-rejecting characteristics over to the R56.

    The M7 Aerogel Turbo Heatshield is better than anything else on the market for a number of reasons:

    • It does not completely encase the turbocharger as some have assumed (the turbocharger is actually fully wrapped in its own, ineffective heatshield). The M7 heat shield still has openings for air to escape down and away from the turbo. The majority of heat that wants to rise will be absorbed by the aerogel blanket.
    • Aerogel is widely known as a thermal insulator which reduces the rate of heat transfer, thus making it a perfect way to keep turbo heat from reaching the rest of the engine bay.
    • Despite any material's resistance to heat, given enough time or higher temperatures (due to hard driving), the material will eventually heat up. Thus, the addition of aerogel is a huge benefit to the M7 heat shield as it will delay the time it takes for the metal portion of the heat shield to heat up.
    • The M7 heat shield is installed with two bolts going into the factory turbo heat shield. Installation does NOT require you to undo the bolts to the engine's valve cover. Any product that has you do so will make you break the seal between the head and the valve cover. Incorrect installation can result in a poor seal or even a cracked valve cover.

    The M7 Aerogel Turbo Heatshield is black powdercoated to give it a sleek, OEM appearance. All necessary mounting hardware is included. Using pre-existing mounting points in the engine bay eliminates the need to drill or add extra brackets. 15-25 minutes is the most you'll need!

    Fits all 2007-2013 MINI Cooper S and Clubman S.

  • SKU#: 0712207, 0712211

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: M7

    Category: Exhaust accessories

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