Mach V Crucial 19x9" 5x114

  • New! Mach V Crucial is a ten-spoke 19x9.0" wheel we developed with the goals of great looks, light weight, and high strength. Of course it has to fit Subarus perfectly, too. We think we succeeded on all fronts. The weight comes in at 22.0 pounds. Excellent spoke clearance mean the wheels clear just about any big brake kit.

    Crucial is made using flow forming technology. Unlike gravity casting where liquid metal is poured into a mold, in flow forming the wheel material is heated until it is nearly liquid and then it is formed into its shape under pressure. This technique results in a wheel that is lighter and stronger than a conventional cast wheel, and almost as strong as a forged wheel, but without the high cost of forging.

    Other high-end details we added including knurling of the barrel to prevent the tire rotating against the wheel under high load conditions. We also milled away material on the sides of the spokes to further reduce weight. We thickened up the inner lip for extra strength, too. Because we're extra-proud of this wheel, we put our Mach V Motorsports name and the words "flow formed" around the outer edge.

    Offset is +42. Hub bore is 73mm; plan to use the appropriate size hubcentric ring for your specific car. Accepts TPMS sensors. Color-matched Mach V logo center caps are included. 5x114 bolt pattern fits many cars, including late-model Subarus, Honda and Acura, Tesla Model 3, and more.

    Choose from gold, bright silver, gunmetal, and bronze colors. 

    Availability: Now in stock!

    Note: Because of the large size and the nature of the product, there are NO returns on wheel purchases. MAKE SURE your wheel SIZE, BOLT PATTERN, and OFFSET are correct before ordering!

  • SKU#: 11741GO, 11741SI, 11741SG, 11741BR

    Shipping Weight: 32.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Wheels

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