Precision Bearing Shifter Cable Bushing Kit DSM

  • Looking to replace those soft worn out rubber ends on your shifter cables where they attach to the transmission? Over time the stock shifter cables get sloppier as they wear at the connection to the transmission. The rubber gets worn out and the metal sleeve will start to take on an oval shape.

    Our kit comes with a solid bearing replacement for the rubber bushings and two nice new stainless steel cotter pins. If you've managed to lose the washers that fit on over the cables you can order those below although you can get away without them.

    Fits 1G and 2G 4G63 DSMs. Insure that the pins on the transmission are clean and free of rust prior to install. Consider putting a tiny coating of grease on the pins to keep them from future rusting.

    This kit is for the ultimate in shifter feel. We take 2 bearings and TIG weld them together to achieve the proper height for each cable. With this kit you will have a very firm shift as there is no play left at the cable end. On top of that due to the fact these are bearings the cable can freely move in the slight bit of rotation that is experienced when you shift. This eliminates the cable from having to bend further improving over the factory setup.

    Installation is a bit harder as tolerances are tight, so you will need to press these in. Instructions can be found HERE.

    Fits all 1990-1999 manual-transmission DSM (Eclipse/Talon/Laser) cars.

  • SKU#: 02727

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: OEM Clutch and Drivetrain

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