Prosport Aluminum Catch Can

  • This catch can looks great in any of three colors (aluminum, anodized blue, or anodized red). The top and bottom and the fittings are all billet aluminum. There's a drain fitting at the bottom so you can drain the can without unbolting it from the car, if you want.

    Each can includes a window for checking oil level, multiple fittings, a rubber-isolated mounting bracket, hose, hose clamps, and all required hardware.

    Note that RED anodized color fades over time, especially with exposure to heat or UV light. We will not accept warranty claims about faded red anodizing. It's just the nature of the process.

    All catch cans come with blue hosing as shown in the inset picture.

  • SKU#: 06435RE, 06435BL, 06435SI

    Shipping Weight: 9.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Prosport

    Category: Lubrication System, Prosport Gauges

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