Spec Stage 2+ Clutch For Ford Fiesta ST

  • The Spec Stage 2+ clutch kit for the Fiesta ST includes a multi-surface clutch disc with one side featuring carbon semi-metallic pad material and the other side receiving kevlar. Made as a compromise between the Stage 2 and 3 kits, this clutch kit has a higher torque capacity than the Stage 2 but a slightly better driveability than the Stage 3. As with many of the lower staged Spec clutch kits, this features a sprung hub designed to reduce harshness when power is applied. This clutch can be used on the street or on any given track day with higher levels of abuse.

    Torque Rating: Supports up to 331 lb-ft.

  • SKU#: 10523S2

    Shipping Weight: 30.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Spec

    Category: Clutches & Flywheels

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