Stainless Steel Scatter Shield 1G FWD DSM

  • Although the condition is rare, high-powered drag race cars can suffer from catastrophic flywheel failure. This stainless steel scatter shield is designed to shield the driver and car from flying pieces of flywheel in the event of a flywheel failure. It is constructed of heavy 1/4" stainless steel, precisely formed to closely fit the bell housing. It attaches with multiple brackets, unlike some shields that only have two mounting points.

    Many tracks and drag sanctioning bodies require a scatter shield if your car is faster than a certain ET. We've found that this scatter shield meets most all requirements, but check your local track's rulebook.

    Available for all 95-99 turbo cars. (1G AWD model shown.) The 1G AWD model has a bolt-on bracket, which is installed backwards for easy shipping; flip it around before installation. Fits all 90-99 4G63 AWD cars, including Galant VR-4, and 90-94 FWD 4G63 cars. Also fits 89 Colt turbo. We don't have them for the 1.8 liter motor, nor for 95-99 non-turbo cars.

    Disclaimer: Mach V does not guarantee this product will protect you from any sort of damage to yourself or any property. Mach V makes no other warranties as to the effectiveness of this product. Racing is extremely dangerous, and injury or death may occur, regardless of use of this part. Use this -- and all high-performance automotive products -- at your own risk.

    Closeout - only FWD remains!

  • SKU#: 01184FW

    Shipping Weight: 20.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: OEM Clutch and Drivetrain

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