TurboXS Blow-Off Valve 1G DSM

  • 1995-1999 turbo Eclipses and Talons have a plastic compressor bypass valve that doesn't even have a decent valve seat. The result is a valve that leaks precious turbo boost, limiting performance. Replacing the factory valve with an upgrade part is one of the easiest and most dramatic improvements you can make. Even first-generation (90-94) Eclipse/Talon/Laser cars can benefit from a CBV upgrade, if you want to push more than 20psi through the motor.

    If you're looking for the street scene "PSSSSHHHHHHT!" noise, you can go with an open-to-atmosphere Blow-Off Valve. There are compromises to this setup; since the blown-off air has already been metered, the car may run a bit rough between shifts as the fuel mixture is momentarily incorrect. But you'll have a fun time scaring pedestrians with your loud BOV. For some, it's worth it.

    Note that Mach V also carries intercooler pipe upgrades, sold with and without upgrade compressor bypass valves.

    This is a true "blow-off valve" which is designed NOT to return the blown-off air to your intake. It features an adjustable spring-tension design so you can tighten the valve up enough that it does not leak air at idle. So your car will idle fine, yet you can have that super-loud "PSSSHHHHT! sound when you get off the throttle. This valve is LOUD! (Click the link below to hear it.)

    The TurboXS valve is made of super-durable billet aluminum and solid brass. Adjustment is done with included pre-load washers. The whole unit is rebuildable, if it ever did require maintenance.

    Kit comes complete with BOV, pre-load washers, mounting hardware to bolt directly to your factory CBV flange, a plug to stop up the factory CBV return line, allen wrench, and installation instructions. Available for all turbo Eclipse/Talon/Laser models, and all Evo models.

  • SKU#: K1146190, K1146195

    Shipping Weight: 6.0 lb

    Manufacturer: TurboXS

    Category: Blow-Off Valves / Bypass Valves, TurboXS

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