2000 Eclipse+

For the year 2000 model Eclipse GT, Mitsubishi went with a normally aspirated 3.0 liter V6 instead of the turbocharged motor. While the 210 horsepower rating is fine, this motor doesn't lend itself to the easy horsepower gains of the turbo cars.

Performance parts for the V6 models include intake, exhaust, underdrive pulley, suspension, and brake upgrades. There's an intake, exhaust and pulley available for the four-cylinder as well.

We don't know of any turbo kits for either the four- or six-cylinder Eclipses. There was rumor of a supercharger for the V6 cars, but our sources tell us the automatic transmissions couldn't take the torque.

Since the 2.4 liter four-cylinder motor (used in the 2000+ Eclipse) was also available in the 95-99 Eclipse Spyder, it should be possible to swap the turbo 95-99 motor into the 2000+ Eclipse. But we haven't seen it done yet.