90-94 Turbo Eclipse/Talon/Laser

Remove the right side passenger kick panel in the passenger footwell. You'll be looking toward the right fender of the car. There's a large bundle of electrical wires that's taped up with black tape covering. It's pretty far up into the dash.

You'll need to undo some of the tape. Taped to the bundle there is a single wire -- it should be -- with a female plastic connector on the end, NOT HOOKED UP TO ANYTHING. That wire carries the oxygen sensor signal. Just attach a male spade connector to the lead from your guage, connect it, and you're done.

Note: On 90-91 cars, there's another weird-looking connector over here that has THREE wires connected to it. It's got a diode inserted into the end. That's NOT the oxygen sensor wire; that's a diode that is part of the popup headlights. Leave it there unless you want your popups to not automatically pop up when you turn your lights on.