95-99 2.0 Non-Turbo

The 95-99 DSM's got a DOHC Chrysler two-liter powerplant that is fundamentally the same motor found in the Dodge Neon. It makes 140 hp, 10 more than the older Mitsubishi 4G63 non-turbo 2.0 made.

Since this is a Chrysler motor, it has a completely different layout than the Mitsubishi block, so you cannot simply bolt on any of the Mitsubishi turbo hardware.

There are plenty of aftermarket hop-up parts available for the motor, though, including intakes, exhaust, throttle bodies, underdrive crank pulleys, headers, motor mounts, and more.

95-99 non-turbo cars can accept turbo motor implants. As with the older cars, the cost in time and dollars makes this swap somewhat foolish compared to simply buying a factory-turbocharged model, but for some cars where the owner has invested significant amounts of effort in cosmetics or electronics upgrade, this swap may make sense.

The other way to convert the non-turbo car to forced induction is to buy an aftermarket kit. Hahn Racecraft make our favorite. It's a solid kit that can boost the car to a reliable 250-odd horsepower. It's not cheap, but it's much easier than swapping engines.