Can I bolt a turbo or supercharger onto my non-turbo car?

That depends.

For 90-94 cars, there's no kit that we know of. Although the 4G63 block is the same on 2.0 cars, the internals are different; the block lacks oil squirters for the pistons, and the compression ration is 9.0:1, compared to 7.8:1 for the turbo motor. Also, assembling all the parts to bolt up a turbo is difficult. You would need the intercooler, intercooler piping, exhaust, fuel pump, injectors, ECU, and more. By the time you bought all those parts, you could probably afford a good used turbo 1G car.

For 95-99 non-turbo Eclipse and Talon, there are companies that make turbo kits. Hahn Racecraft is one; their turbo kits start at around $3,300.

The 2000+ Eclipses may get forced induction in the form of an aftermarket kit. The four-cylinder in particular has some room underhood for a turbo setup. The V6 is pretty cramped, though.

In general, our take on turbo-charging a non-turbo car is: Don't do it. You'll spend much more than if you just sold the car and traded in for a factory-turbocharged model.

As far as we know, there is no bolt-on supercharger kit for any of the DSM or Eclipse cars, either.