Caravan Schedule: Friday, July 18th, 2003

Caravan Schedule: Friday, July 18th, 2003

NOTE: The caravan will be on FRIDAY the 18th, not Thursday the 17th as previously posted here. (The Shootout is on Saturday/Sunday this year; we forgot to move the caravan schedule back a day.)

7:30 AM 95 N, Exit 104, Bowling Green, VA . Pilot gas station/Dairy Queen. From here we will them head up 95N to 495N (toward Tyson's Corner) and get off at Rt.7 (Leesburg Pike) heading towards Falls Church (not the towards Tyson's Corner). On the right side about 1 light down there is our next stop:


9:15-9:30 Mach V Motorsports, Falls Church, VA. From here we head up 495 N toward I-270. Then I-270N to 70N. We will then **BRIEFLY** stop at the first exit off of 70N


About 10:15 1st Exit On 70N after 270 merge. From here we proceed north on 70NW until we reach Breezwood, PA and have a quick lunch at the McDonalds before we get on 76 NW



11:30-12:00 Breezewood, PA -- McDonalds Parking Lot. From here we hit 76 NW towards Ohio. Our next stop will be the last Service Plaza before crossing over to Ohio.



2:15-2:30 Butler, PA Service Plaza. Brief stop and then into Norwalk and go our own ways to check into hotels/motels.


4:30 Norwalk, OH


6:00-?? Get together for dinner, go-karting, or just hanging out in the hotel parking lot bench-racing.