Do I need a 3" exhaust system?

<p>That depends on the level of upgrades you are planning.</p><p>If
you'll be going beyond our Stage 1 upgrades, you might want to think
about a full 3" exhaust, which can handle up to 500 horsepower. 3"
exhaust advantages: High horsepower flow capacity, aggressive sound.
Disadvantages: Higher weight, higher cost, higher noise
level.</p><p>A 2.5" system is completely adequate for the 300
horsepower level, so if you're planning a mild upgrade, save some
money (and your ears) by sticking with 2.5". 2.5" exhaust advantages:
Affordable cost, lower noise level, lower weight. Disadvantages: If
you want to build an all-out car later, you'll have to swap in a 3"