Do you have a dyno?


Motorsports is your premier dyno tuning facility. We are a Cobb Tuning Gold Certified ProTuner, meaning we can and do tune any platform for which Cobb Tuning makes an AccessPort, including Subaru, Nissan GT-R, Porsche, Mazda, and turbo Fords (Fiesta ST, Focus ST, and 2015+ Mustang EcoBoost). 

Our chassis dyno is an AWD Dynojet unit -- Dynojet is one of the most widely-used dyno systems, and is considered by many (including National Autosports Association) to be the standard. Our dyno can measure up to 1500 horsepower at each of its two rollers. Our dyno is built into the ground, so no matter how low your car, we can get it on to our dyno.

Dyno tuning starts at $600 for a comprehensive session, including dyno rental, air/fuel analysis, and the actual calibrating of your ECU. You'll get a printed dyno graph to take with you of the final results; where possible, we'll give you a "before" graph as well, so you can compare.

To schedule a dyno tuning session, call our service writer. We'll talk to you about scheduling, and we'll take a 50% down payment to secure your slot on the calendar.