ECU (1989-1994)

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) on early model DSM cars are ticking time bombs. Okay, so maybe that's overstating it a bit, but the printed circuit boards for the ECUs on these cars contain electrolytic capacitors that leak when they age. The capacitor leaks are corrosive, and will eat through the circuit board, eventually resulting in total failure of the ECU, and a car that won't run at all.

How to fix this problem? If you have any first-generation (pre-95) Eclipse, Talon, or Laser, remove the ECU from the car and have the capacitors replaced with fresh ones. (Mach V sells a replacement kit for a very modest price). Any TV repair-type shop should be able to remove and replace the capacitors.

Symptoms of a faulty ECU include rapid clicking from behind the center dash (that's where the ECU lives), and possibly a burning smell. If you take out the ECU and it stinks like burnt fish, your capacitors are probably bad. If the capacitors are already leaking, your PC board may need to be repaired or replaced. A replacement ECU will cost hundreds of dollars. Our Capacitor Replacement Kit is only five bucks! So replace those caps now!