Emergency fix

Okay, so you're out at the track and BLAM! During a drag run, your i/c pipe coupler blows right off. The clamp is AWOL, and now the car is running so bad you'll never get home.

Have no fear, we can fix this problem. We'll convert to non-turbo mode.

To do this, disconnect the wastegate actuator arm. The arm is held onto the wastegate by a cotter pin. You can see this pin poking out from the front of the turbo heat shield, between the turbo and the radiator. It should be directly in front of you and straight down, as you stand facing the engine bay.

Use needle-nose pliers and some leather gloves to prevent from seriosly burning yourself on the radiator or the heat shields. Remove the cotter pin and disengage the wastegate actuator arm from the wastegate. Don't lose the cotter pin.

Use some duct tape to patch up the hole in the intercooler pipe, if you can. Otherwise, you may suck in unfiltered garbage from the road. Leaves don't work well as fuel for the car. MAKE SURE THE DUCT TAPE CAN'T GET SUCKED INTO THE INTAKE.

You will now be able to drive the car without bogging. It will not build any boost, so the air will not exit the system through your duct tape, and everything should be okay. Now you know how the non-turbo guys live!