How To Drive in a Caravan

How To Drive in a Caravan

There are a couple of things that are hard about driving in a caravan with a lot of cars. Staying together is the toughest part. Not getting run over while you try to stay together is the other part.

The CB is your most useful tool for sticking with the caravan. Talk with others in your group to keep tabs on where they are. If you're slowed down, or if you break down, get on the horn (um, that's the CB radio, not your real horn. CB-speak, ya' know) to let your companions know.

If you find yourself way out ahead of the pack, just get to the right and cruise for a while until they catch up. Please DO NOT pull over on the side of the freeway. It's dangerous there and you may attract unwanted attention from the local constibulary. If you have to stop, please pull off at the next exit. Sit at a point where you can see the caravan go by. If you can't see the road, just monitor the CB and you'll hear the group.

If you're falling behind, let the group know what's going on. It's a good idea to exchange cell phone numbers at the start of the trip; that way you can call if you fall out of radio range.

Sometimes when you're trying to stick with the group, you may be tempted to make a sudden lane change, accelerate quickly through traffic, or slow down suddenly. PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY and CAREFULLY. The interstates are populated with lots of big rigs that weigh as much as the whole caravan combined, and the drivers get a little upset when the little cars threaten to get themselves run over. Don't anger our professional driver friends. Do not change lanes abruptly anywhere near a truck, and do not brake suddenly anywhere near a truck.

If you break down or are in an accident and need help, dial 911 on the cell phone and/or use channel 19 on the CB.