How To Install the Auto Sport Button

How To Install the Auto Sport Button

Installation instructions:

There are a total of three wires on the kit that you will need to install (they come color coded) Now, If this mod seems intimidating to you, don't let it be! this is a rather easy, straightforward and satisfying install. But should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Step 1:

Splice on to the blue sport button wire.

Remove the side panel to get to the very bottom right hand side connector, that is X14272. See the diagram above.

You do not have to completely remove the panel, just pull it aside. (We removed ours in order to give room for the camera, that also required removing the lower seat belt bolt.) It also helps to get your floor mat completely out of the way. In order to get to the solid blue sport button wire, you may need to pull back some of the cloth tape surrounding the wire bundle.

Once you have located the blue sport button wire, you will need to tap into it with the red Posi-Tap connector provided with the kit. You will need to remove the small grey and red cap from the Posi-Tap. The blue sport wire will slip into the slot in the grey cap, then tighten the cap back on. the blue wire from the kit will pass through the center of the red cap, tighten it up and your done! For detailed instructions on using the posi-tap, please visit

See Pic 1 below.

Slip the grey cap over the blue sport button wire

See Pic 2.

Tighten the body of the posi-tap to the grey cap

See Pic 3.

The blue wire from the kit will slip through the hole in the center of the red cap

See Pic 4.

This is what it should look like after you finish fastening the red cap.

See Pic 5.

Step 2:

Install the black ground wire connector

If you look again at that first picture, you will see a 10mm nut just behind the wire bundle. Actually, there are 2 to chose from, but both will work. you will need to loosen up the nut with a 10mm socket or nut driver and slide the fork terminal under the washer, then tighten up the nut.

See Pic 6.

Step 3:

Install the Red power wire

this wire has the Bussman Add a circuit spliced onto it. The fuse extender will come pre-installed with a 2 amp fuse to provide over current protection to the Altronix circuit board in the sport button kit. This makes for a safe installation. You will need to pull the fuse from slot number 32. and insert it into the extender behind the 2 amp fuse, then insert the fuse extender into this slot, as seen in Pic 7 below.

The kit will come wrapped in electrical tape in order to prevent any of the circuit board contacts from shorting out on the car.

See Pic 8.

Tuck the board in, put the cover back on and that's it! Now start up the car and watch the sport button light up!

Now, suppose your sport button does not light up!? Simple, there is a timer adjustment dial on the board. Each board comes with the time set at its fastest position. This is the ideal position for most cars. However, we did an install on an '08 Clubman automatic that required setting the timer to about 5 seconds. No big deal. Simply pull off the electrical tape and adjust the timer dial until it works.

Pic 1 - Fuse Panel

Pic 5 - Completed Tap

Pic 2 - Gray Connector Half

Pic 6 - Ground Wire

Pic 3 - Joined Connector

Pic 4 - Wire and Connector

Pic 7 - Add-A-Circuit

Pic 8 - Wrapped Circuit Board