HyperFest, Summit Point WV, July 5-6 2003

We had a booth at HyperFest, and our Lancer Evo was the pace car for the whole two-day event! The blue light bar sat quite nicely on the Evo's rear wing.

HyperFest is a sort of car Lollapalooza, with everything from drifting competitions to rollover contests, all taking place at a road race course. There's real racing (Spec Miata and 944 Cup, Honda Challenge, and more), high performance driving school, "Hyperdrives" (one-session mini-driving school), and touring laps. Get out to one of these events if you can; there's something for everyone.


The Ultimate Police Car?

Mach V Booth

Post-Drift Burnouts

Drift Casualty

Pace Car Resting




Turn 1

Evo and STi