I Just Want A Decal! Why Is Shipping So Much?

Our default shipping method is UPS Ground. The minimum charge for UPS is around $7. Each package is automatically insured up to $100, and is trackable. Although small and light shipments are a little less expensive to ship through the US Postal Service, the USPS (at this point) does not have package tracking. We find our customers prefer the tracking services that UPS provides.

We do have another option for very small orders:

If you are just ordering something small and light (like a single decal) that will fit in an envelope, you may write the following in the "Comments" section of your order: "SHIP USPS for $1." We'll drop your item into normal US Mail, and it'll only cost you $1. But if your item is lost, delayed, or damaged in transit, you'll just need to order again. We will NOT replace or hunt down lost/damaged USPS shipments.

This $1 option is ONLY available if your ENTIRE order will fit into a normal sized postal envelope.