Lowering choices

When choosing aftermarket suspension components, you have several choices.

Fixed height, fixed dampening shocks: These are simple replacement shocks that are sportier than stock, but do not offer adjustability. The KYB GR-2 is a shock of this type.

Fixed height, variable dampening shocks: These shocks have a fixed spring perch, just like stock, but allow adjustment of the shock firmness. KYB AGX and Tokico Illumina are both adjustable dampening shocks.

Fixed-height springs: Usually referred to as "lowering springs," these are coils that replace the stockers, but are shorter and firmer.

Adjustable perch springs: These are an inexpensive way to get ride height adjustability. A threaded aluminum collar fits onto the shock in place of the stock fixed perch. The threads on the collar allow the perch to move up or down by as much as three inches. Although these aren't as effective as "true" coil-over spring/shock combos, they're much less expensive. Skunk 2 and Ground Control make this kind of spring set.

True coil-overs: Engineered as a unit, the coil-over is what real race cars use. It allows proper spring rates and dampening, height adjustability, and modularity that makes for easy maintenance and repair, plus allows fitting of different rate springs for different conditions. B+G has just introduced a true coil-over setup for the 95-99 Eclipse. Real coil-overs are never cheap, but they are the most sophisticated of all available suspension options.