Model Year Differences


90-91 models had pop-up lights with shine-through "flash to pass" lenses. 92-94 cars got fixed aerodynamic headlight lenses. 92-94 cars had revised ground effects, with a rear valance cutout for the tail pipe on the Talon.


90-92 cars had beefier bottom ends: Larger rods, larger crank counterweights, larger crank bearings. 93-94 got smaller, lighter rods and crank.


90-92 cars had a six-bolt flywheel attachment, compared to seven-bolt for later cars. 90-91 cars had thin rear axles which attached to the hub using three bolts. 92-94 have a larger rear axle with four-bolt attachment. The latter is stronger and desirable for drag racing.

90-91 AWD cars could have anti-lock brakes or limited slip differential, but not both.


90-91 AWD cars had smaller 10.0" front brake rotors and single-piston front calipers. 92-94 cars got bigger 10.8" rotors and two-piston calipers.