Normal Wear

These things happen on almost every older DSM.

- Chipping paint on the black strips on the tops of the doors, at the base of the side windows. Fix with our replacment parts.

- Chipping paint on black side mirrors. They all do that. If you find one that doesn't you're lucky.

- Dull or fading black paint on roof and rear spoiler. There were problems with dark paint colors on these cars. The black doesn't seem to hold up well.

- Notchy shifting transmission. They all do it. If it doesn't grind, it's probably okay.

- Worn driver's seat side bolster. They all have that.

- Blown light bulbs in dash switches and/or radio. They all do it. Some (like the radio lights) are really a pain to fix, so you just live with it.

- Lots of miles. Figure 12,000 miles a year, on average. If you're looking at a '91, that's 120,000 expected miles. The engine is really durable, and that kind of mileage will not hurt it, if it's had a steady diet of regular oil changes. You can even add significant performance upgrades to high mileage engines without worrying about them blowing up. A Mach V buddy has a 91 car with 240,000 miles that goes 12.7 in the quarter mile.