Other Tweaks

As we mentioned before, the second-generation MAS is MUCH larger and better flowing than the first-generation. Plus, it can flow more air before it starts to lose accuracy. That naturally leads to...why not put a 2G MAS on your 1G car?

Well, you can. There are a couple of things you have to do to make it work.

First, the wiring is different. You'll need to splice a few wires to adapt the sensor to your car.

Secondly, the 2G sensor outputs different values, so your car won't run right with it. HOWEVER, in a convenient coincidence, it happens to run around 20% too lean. If you put in 550cc fuel injectors, your car will run about 20% richer at all times. And these two seem to just about cancel each other out. No guarantees here, but we've heard of this being done more than a few times.

Tom Stangl, longtime DSM guru, has a web page detailing how to do this. His VFAQ pages are a treasure trove of other excellent DSM information.

If you're going with this modification, you'll probably want to add a Super AFC to fine-tune your fuel curve.