Reducing Weight

Decreasing the weight of your car will improve all elements of performance. You will accelerate faster, turn easier, and stop better if your car weighs less.

If you're going to the race track, you'll want to shed as many pounds as possible before pulling on to the track.

Some simple things you can do to reduce the weight of your car:

Remove any subwoofers or other stereo gear

Remove your spare tire, jack, tools, hatch cover, and rear carpet

Remove all floor mats (this is good to do anyway for racing, to avoid getting the driver's mat caught up in the pedals)

If you're really obsessed with weight reduction, empty the windshield washer bottles (every little bit helps!)

If you're drag racing, run your fuel down to a 1/4 tank. (If you're road racing, fill up so you won't starve the engine as the fuel sloshes around in the turns.)

If you've got time and it's practical, remove the passenger seat, and the rear seat. (The rear seat only weighs a few pounds, but the passenger seat is pretty hefty.)