Replacing Worn Clutch Parts

Many balky shifts are caused not by bad synchros or gears, but by a clutch that is not fully released from the flywheel. This can be surprisingly hard to diagnose, especially as it can develop over time.

The system of transmitting your foot pressure into lifting the clutch from the flywheel consists of several steps, many of which can wear over time.

Two of the most frequently-worn parts of the system are the 1G DSM's clutch pedal lever joint, and the clutch fork and pivot ball.

The clutch pedal lever joint transmits rotary force from the clutch pedal into a linear force to actuate the master cylinder. The clutch pedal has a keyed rod that inserts into a similarly-shaped receiver. That receiver can get worn into a near-circle over time, making the clutch pedal have less and less effect. Find replacement parts here.

The clutch fork is the part that actually picks the clutch disc off the flywheel. It levers against a little metal ball. Both fork and ball can wear over time, making it more and more difficult to move them. We sell original equipment replacements for both fork and ball.

Note that while there are vendors out there who sell upgraded forks, we do NOT believe in them! A properly working clutch system will NEVER be able to bend the high-strength OEM fork we sell. If you are bending that piece, SOMETHING ELSE IS WRONG. Don't think that a stronger fork will fix the problem.