RM Racing Sway Bars (95-99)

RM Racing Sway Bars (95-99)

RM Racing, known for their work on the Acura NSX, has brought us these awesome sway bars, track-proven by the hard-driving RM Racing crew. The bars fit all 1995 or newer Eclipses and Talons. The RM Racing front bar is 20.6mm in diameter (40% stiffer than the stock 19mm). The rear bar is 80% stiffer than stock. For AWD cars, that means a 20.6mm bar instead of the stock 18mm; for FWD cars that came with a rear bar, the RM rear bar is 17.5mm instead of the stock 13mm.

Kits come complete with bars, custom-fit bushings, and complete instructions for quick and painless installation.

Cars with no rear sway bar will need additional factory mouting hardware (available from us -- see below) to mount the RM rear bar.

Large size means oversized shipping charges.

2G FWD set pic