Sean Caron's 96 TSi AWD

Sean Corten obviously loves his 2G AWD. Here's what he has to say:

My car is a white 96 Talon Tsi AWD that I dubbed 'CRNKWLKD' (check out the license plate). It has had a long and sordid history starting with it dying an untimely death in 99 due to CW. It was the prototype car for the Magnus 1G in a 2G swap. It mainly serves as my Street Modified autocross racer, spending most of the summer racing in various series with some daily driver duties. Last year I won the ShootOut Autocross Race Tire Unlimited class while sporting a 14b. I won the SM Championship locally as well as being selected the Regional Driver of the Year. The car was built to turn. My fastest c mile time was the only time I hit the track last year with the AGP L1R and ran a 12.7 @ 112 on 100 octane, 21 lbs of boost, and the stock sidemount. The goal this upcoming year is to compete in more of the National Level series autocross events and complete the tuning on race gas for the c strip.

Sean's mod list:

Suspension and Brake Modifications

  • 17'x7.5' Kosei K1' Racing rims (street)
  • 235/40/17 Yokohama AVS Intermediates (street)
  • 16'x8' GAB Sport Racing rims (autocross)
  • [Replacing these with custom made Kosei K1 16x8.5 17mm offset rims]
  • 245/45/16 Kuhmo V7Victoracers (autocross)
  • Shocktek Coilover system with Pillowball upper mounts
  • 650lb Eibach springs in the front
  • 550lb Eibach springs in the rear
  • Shocktek Bilstein-derivative single adjustable shocks
  • RM Sway bars
  • TCE 4-Piston Wilwood Road Race brake kit with 1.25' rotors
  • Polymatrix 'D' Style front pads
  • Powerslot Rear rotors
  • Metal Masters O rear
  • Custom Front Strut tower bar
  • Custom Rear Strut tower bar

Engine and Drivetrain Modifications

  • K&N (FIPK) Air Filter
  • DejonTool 2.5' intake snorkel
  • NGK 7.5 mm Plug Wires
  • Air To Air oil cooler installed
  • Mildly worked 2nd Gen head
  • 1st Gen Cams
  • ARP Head Studs
  • 4-layer Metal Mitsu Headgasket
  • 6-bolt 91 block
  • Ross 9:1 pistons
  • Stock 91 Big Rods
  • ACT 2100lb Clutch disk
  • Galant VR4 Transmission
  • Galant longer first gear
  • Hayden Slimline Drivers side fan (900 cfm)
  • Perma-Cool high flow passenger side fan (1650 cfm)
  • Relocated Baker Precision 23lb Gel Cell battery


Turbo and Fuel Modifications

  • AGPTurbo L1R BB Turbo
  • Stock Sidemount (replacing with Griffen 18' core)
  • HRC Stage 2 UICP
  • RRE Lower IC Pipe
  • 1G BOV
  • Joe P boost controller
  • 2nd Gen port-matched exhaust manifold
  • 122Performance 02 external 2.5' Dump housing
  • Custom built Turbo back 3' exhaust w/ 2 resonators
  • Dynomax SS Round Muffler (without ghetto Cantelope tip)
  • 720cc Denso Injectors
  • Walbro 255 'high pressure' fuel pump (rewired)
  • Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 95 EPROM ECU
  • DSMLink Engine Management Software

Interior Modifications

  • Autometer Bezel Gauge Holder
  • SPA Technique Boost/EGT dual digital gauge
  • SPA Technique Water Temp/Air Intake Temp dual digital gauge
  • SPA Technique Fuel Pressure/Oil Pressure dual digital gauge
  • Jumptronix A/F Ratio Gauge
  • Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
  • G-Force 5-point Camlock Safety Harnesses