Shifter Bushings

There are several sets of bushings in the manual transmission shifter mechanism. These are mostly meant to reduce the transmission of vibration back to your hand. But they also serve to insulate you from feeling what's going on in the tranny. We find that a firmer connection between hand and gear makes for more secure and accurate shifts.

There are two major sets of bushings. One holds the shifter plate to the car. The four bushings are made of very soft rubber. Over time these can break down, and allow the shifter plate to squish to one side or the other. That's not good alignment of your shifter! We sell the Symborski Shifter Kit to replace these bushings with solid steel.

The second set of bushings is under the hood where the shifter cables connect to the transmission. Each cable has a rubber bushing. We offer two different stiffening kits -- one polyurethane, one made of metal bearings -- to allow you to fine-tune the firmness and the feel.