Third Annual Mach V Open House 8/24/03

Third Annual Mach V Open House 8/24/03

We had our biggest open house ever, with over 130 people and 100+ cars visiting during the course of the day. Customers munched burgers and drank soft drinks (80 liters worth!), watched movies, and talked cars. We gave away tons of free stuff, including the grand prize, a Nitrous Express N-Tercooler that went to Nikki Williamson of Manassas, VA.

Four Evos

Grand prize winner

Yellow Evo

Evo tails

Full parking lot

MrMoo at work

Enjoying the company

Evo and Galant VR-4

Still more cars

1G collection

Even more cars

Door prizes are great!

Side yard, more cars

Clean Stealth