Tip 8: Torque Specs

We get lots of calls asking about torque specifications for various parts of the car.

Here are the factory specs for some common parts (all figures are in ft.lbs.):

Turbo-to-manifold bolts: 40-47

Exhaust manifold-to-head studs: 18-22

O2 sensor housing-to-downpipe studs: 29-43

O2 sensor housing-to-turbo bolts: 40-47

O2 sensor: 29-36

Oil banjo bolt: 20-25

Water banjo bolt: 25-36

Valve cover bolts: 2-3

Spark plug well cover bolts: 2-3

Oil drain plug: 25-33

Spark plugs: 15-21

Flywheel-to-crank bolts: 94-101

Clutch-to-flywheel bolts: 11-16

Head bolts: 65-72