Transmission Fluid

Tranny fluid is often overlooked when searching for that perfect shift. The fluid in a modern (okay, maybe not so modern) transmission has to be thick enough to allow parts like synchros to work, and to stick to spinning gears, yet thin enough to allow the parts the easily slide. It's a delicate balance.

We've tried a lot of fluids, but keep coming back to good old BG Synchroshift. It's a full-synthetic that seems to strike a good balance between slickness and stickiness.

Some people seem to prefer a cocktail of different fluids. While we find this to be a bit more trouble than it's worth, it won't hurt anything -- no gear lube will spontaneously explode or form sharp crystals in the presence of any other lube, as far as we know.

If you have a favorite lube that you think is superior for an aging DSM tranny, drop us an email.

Whatever fluid you prefer, change it frequently. Metal filings floating around in the tranny definitely don't help things.