What About an Engine Swap?

Yes, you can swap in a turbo 4G63 into a non-turbo Eclipse. But it probably won't be easy, and it definitely won't be cheap.

You'll need a few things:

First, the turbo motor itself. A "long block" (motor with all the

accessories, like water and oil pumps, manifolds, throttle body, that

stuff) runs $3,500 to $4,500. We have them available every so often.

Next, a lot of other parts, usually obtained from a wrecked turbo car. It would be good to have a donor car available. You'll need the turbo's...



fuel pump (or our upgrade pump)


intercooler piping

downpipe and exhaust

possibly some motor mounts

possibly drive shafts and hubs

Figure at least five days for installation. All told, budget at least

$7,000 for parts and labor. Getting the parts from a junk yard should drastically reduce the parts cost. Doing the install yourself should save you a lot.