Which Turbo Should I Get?

Your choice of upgrade turbos depends on how you normally use your car.

If you are looking strictly for a replacement for your broken factory turbo on your 89-94 car, and aren't interested in performance, get the basic 16G Sport Turbo.

If you race your car on a road race course, or you do some other high-speed driving (not on public roads, please), you should think about the Sport Turbo with porting and clipping, to improve overall flow and high-rpm power.

If you are exclusively autocrossing the car (and you aren't worried about being kicked out of your class for turbo upgrades), you should go for the Sport Turbo with porting, but not clipping, for minimum turbo lag and moderate high-end power. You might even think about keeping your stock turbo, because any upgrade will increase lag somewhat, and the autocross course normally favors low-end response.

If you are a drag race warrior, go with the ported and clipped Sport Turbo, and if you want the fastest car at the strip, the 20G Race Turbo.