Mitsubishi Door Handle 2G DSM

  • It's kind of pathetic to have a car with a broken door handle. It's perfectly fine to have a bent antenna, chewed-up paint, or a missing chunk of front spoiler. But when you have to go around and crawl through the car to open the other's just not cool.

    We've got the real-deal OEM door handle. Just unbolt your broken one and install this one in its place, and you're cool again. Comes in black; have your local body shop or touch-up specialist paint it the color of your car.

    Sold individually. Specify left or right. Fits all 1995-1999 DSM (Eclipse/Talon) cars.

  • SKU#: 79017DR, 79017PA

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

    Category: Miscellaneous Exterior

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