Mitsubishi Underbody Threaded Push-Button Fastener Pack Evo 8/9

  • These fasteners are used to attach thin plastic panels to your Evo. They're easy to mess up or lose. We stock packs of replacement fasteners so you can put everything right.

    The interior fasteners are black in color, and are used in the trunk lining, among other places. The exterior fasteners are black and hold things like the front underbody aero tray in place.

    Sold in packs of 10 fasteners.

    This fastener is used to hold underbody plastic panels onto the car, and has a phillips screw head. Pack of ten fasteners.

  • SKU#: K02780

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

    Category: Miscellaneous Exterior

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