Mitsubishi Hydraulic Lash Adjusters (Lifters) Turbo DSM

  • Getting a bit of ticking when first starting up? Or maybe the ticking isn't going away at all after the car is revved a few times. Often this is from a faulty, worn out, or clogged hydraulic lash adjuster otherwise known as a lifter. Mitsubishi has gone through two revisions since the first lifters used in the 1st gen DSMs to help solve the ticking. What we have to offer are not Mitsubishi badged lifters but they are identical units. If we sold these with the Mitsubishi name on them they would be $36 each. What you get here is a whole set 3rd gen, brand new lifters for the price of five from the dealer.

    Not only are worn out lifters annoying with the ticking they can create, but you also can lose power if the knock sensor picks it up.

    Sold as a complete set of 16 lifters. Fits all 4G63-powered DSM cars, including 1990-1999 Eclipse, Talon, and Laser.

  • SKU#: K02205

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

    Category: Engine Internals

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