Long-Leg 2" Silicone 90 Elbow

  • We have found that this elbow is useful in a number of situations where a standard elbow is too short. One common application for this elbow is the connection from a Subaru turbo compressor outlet to the intercooler Y-pipe. The extra-long legs of this elbow make it easy to connect almost any standard 2" outlet turbo to any standard 2" intercooler Y-pipe. (Trim to fit if the length is too long for your needs.)

    Elbow legs are about 5" long. Multi-layer reinforced silicone construction. Black or blue color.

  • SKU#: 08569JE, 08569RO

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Vibrant

    Category: Couplers and Clamps

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