Mitsubishi Crank Pulley Kit 2G Turbo DSM

  • It is pretty common for the rubber to deteriorate on OEM crank pulleys after 5 years or so. What happens when it finally lets go is suddenly the engine isn't turning the accesories... no waterpump, no alternator, no power steering! Replacing this isn't very hard and by using OEM you don't have to worry about the possibility of harmonic vibrations causing problems such as with non-dampened aftermarket crank pulleys.

    Kit includes the pulley and four new bolts to attach it to the crank.

    Fits all 1995-1999 turbo DSM (Eclipse/Talon) cars.

  • SKU#: K021512G

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

    Category: Timing Belt Components

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